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Have you been considering making a career change but don’t know where to start? Are you looking to hire a talented individual to join your team? The companies we work with rely on our search expertise to locate, evaluate and match them with top professionals in the marketplace. So if you are a company looking to add qualified resources to your team, or a candidate searching for the next level in your career, enter our website to explore how Rob Manaigre Recruiting will help you reach your goals.

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Meet Rob Manaigre

Rob Manaigre has been recruiting for client companies in the Winnipeg market since 2001. As a Partner & National Practice Leader with one of Canada’s leading full-service recruiting firms, Rob collaborated with some of the most successful organizations who relied on him to locate, evaluate and match them with top IT professionals available… Read More

Rob Manaigre has been in the business of connecting candidates with companies since 2001.  During his tenure at one of Canada’s leading recruiting firms, Rob developed his expertise by becoming highly trained in the industry which witnessed his success and rise within the company to a partner position.  His impressive track record for aligning the right candidate with a client’s needs was most pronounced in the IT sector. Embracing his passion for finding the right fit between organization and job seeker, Rob was inspired to launch his own recruiting company which gave him the opportunity to fully expand his proprietary recruiting strategies for exceptional results.  He wanted his company to reflect his values and what was important to him.  Rob believes in creating quality matches which can only result from an experienced recruiter mining the questions and answers extracted from one-on-one meetings with both clients and candidates.  For Rob, successful placements and long term relationships derive from open and honest communication.  Gaining a full understanding of the necessities and beliefs of both parties will lead to more successful connections.  Rob allocates the time to meet personally with all clients and candidates ensuring that nothing is lost in translating priorities and to gain an accurate assessment of cultural fit.  Rob launched RMR to satisfy his desire to ensure that the volume of placements is always secondary to the quality and success of the connections his company creates.

At Rob Manaigre Recruiting, we believe in the power of connections.  We leverage our knowledge of the Winnipeg marketplace along with our years of experience to afford us an understanding of who are the strongest candidates in a field and the best companies to work for.  We actively recruit (headhunt) specific candidates from all facets of the market who potentially may be the right fit.  We are constantly growing our connections in the market and building a network of potential matches waiting to be activated.  We seek talented and capable individuals, and companies that offer our candidates challenging and rewarding positions.  We connect talent, we connect people and we connect careers.   Rob Manaigre Recruiting … We Connect.